Columbia County  
Housing Redevelopment Authorities

 At CCHRA, we are

  dedicated to providing safe,

  decent, affordable housing

  opportunities to the residents of 

    Columbia County, 


Applying for Housing


1.   First, confirm your eligibility under the Income Eligibility Tab (Click Here to Access).

2.   After confirming your eligibility, just CLICK on the picture above.  From there you will need                  to enter your social security number then CLICK VERIFY to begin the process.

3.   You will need a valid e-mail address, along with the names, dates of birth, and social security                  numbers for all household members.

4.   You must know the amount of income, assets, and expenses for each household member                          reported. 

5.   At the end of the application process, you will select either Public Housing or Housing Choice               Voucher.      

If you are unsure which housing program or property is right for you, please review the property and program descriptions on our website before beginning the application.  If you would like to download an application for either the Housing Choice Voucher Program or Public Housing, please click HERE.

NOTE: Versions of Internet Explorer older than Internet Explorer 8 are not compatible with this application.